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Bates reluctantly approves a stealth bomber strike to destroy the train. Zachs discovers that they are on the wrong tracks and on a collision course with a Southern Pacific freight train hauling gasoline tank cars. Since the trains are in dark territory , it was impossible for the train dispatchers to communicate with the trains' engineers to stop the trains to avoid collision.

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Dane and Penn plan to abandon most of the mercenaries to certain death with the hostages by leaving via helicopter with some of their elite members. Casey kills the mercenaries one by one and releases the hostages by uncoupling the last two cars, but Dane uses his computer skills to locate the stealth bombers and re-targets Grazer to knock them out before they can complete their mission. Meanwhile, Penn had previously captured Sarah and uses her as bait for Casey.

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Casey confronts Penn and breaks his neck after a fight that spills into the kitchen. Casey finds Dane about to depart in a chopper hovering over the train. When Dane informs Casey that there is no way to stop Grazer from destroying Washington, Casey shoots him. The bullet destroys Dane's computer, cellphone and injures Dane.

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Pentagon control of the satellite is restored and it is destroyed by remote control seconds before it would have fired on the Pentagon. The Grand Continental and freight train collide on a trestle. Casey races through the exploding train and grabs a rope ladder dangling from the chopper.

Dane, who has survived Casey's bullet, catches on to the ladder. He attempts to climb into the helicopter but falls to his death in the fireball below when Casey shuts the helicopter door on his hands. The only survivors of the incident are Casey, his niece Sarah, the porter Zachs, and the mercenary helicopter pilot who Zachs has at gunpoint. Casey, having previously detached the last two cars from the rest of the train, informs the Pentagon that the passengers are safe.

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  • Later, Sarah and Casey pay their last respects at James's grave. The film was an early credit for Matt Reeves who wrote the script with a friend of his in college.

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    The script was called Dark Territory at one stage and End of the Line at another. And somehow he has got to save this building, save the day. Jenny McCarthy unsuccessfully auditioned for a role in the film. She said Seagal auditioned her and asked her to take off her clothes.

    The need for sweeping change in the service sector may come as a great shock to Americans who saw services as the means to continued economic prosperity. But there is a painful irony at work: job creation, the very thing proponents use to demonstrate the U. It is precisely that neglect that makes the service sector vulnerable as the race for market share intensifies and new players shift the terms of competition. Services must respond to the new competitive environment, but not by indiscriminate cost cutting.


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      America Under Siege
      America Under Siege
      America Under Siege
      America Under Siege
      America Under Siege

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