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Her mother is Tina Knowles, a hairdresser and salon owner. With encouragement from her parents, Beyonce began performing by the age of seven and was soon winning local dancing and singing competitions. With her childhood friend Kelly Rowland , she met LaTavia Roberson when auditioning for an all-girl entertainment group.

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They were placed into a group called Girl's Tyme with three other girls in He cut the group down to four members. In they began recording their debut album for Columbia Records and changed their name to Destiny's Child, based on a passage from the Bible's "Book of Isaiah. The group officially announced their breakup in Then, with Destiny's Child officially on hiatus, she released a solo album Dangerously in Love.

Propelled by its first single, the 1 smash "Crazy in Love," the album hit 1 in the U. Three more top 10 pop singles from the album followed in quick succession. She recorded the entire album in just two weeks.

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It sold over , copies in its first week of release and debuted at 1 on the album chart. Sasha Fierce encompassed two discs of music.

Each was designed to show a different facet of Beyonce's work. The first disc I Am is mostly slow and midtempo ballads while the second Sasha Fierce , named after an in-concert alter ego, includes more uptempo tracks and influences from electronic pop music.

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The album debuted at 1 on the album chart selling nearly , copies in its first week making it Beyonce's third consecutive 1. Sasha Fierce earned seven Grammy Award nominations and won six of them. Beyonce's performance with her dancers has been repeated and parodied by admirers around the world. Beyonce's highly anticipated fourth studio album was titled simply 4. Part of her inspiration in recording the album was disappointment with contemporary radio. Critics praised her commitment to the traditional style of music. Despite the critical acclaim, 4 lagged commercially compared with Beyonce's first three albums.

Released in , it sold just over , copies in its first week and debuted at 1, making Beyonce only the second woman, after Britney Spears , to have her first four albums debut at the top, but it lacked significant hit singles to keep the sales up. Beyonce shocked the music world on December 13, , by releasing her self-titled fifth studio album without out advance notice or promotion.

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It debuted at 1 on the album chart selling over , copies in its first week, the best first-week sales of Beyonce's career. She earned praise for her expression of full artistic freedom on the album and taking a deeper dive into her concerns about female empowerment.

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With 17 short films created to illustrate the 14 audio tracks, Beyonce became a visual as well as audio album breaking new ground for pop artists. Two singles received promotion along with the initial release of the album. The latter became the hit fast eclipsing the former and peaked at 2. It was Beyonce's highest charting single in five years.

The album earned five Grammy Award nominations including for Album of the Year. Beyonce's sixth studio album Lemonade was released as a second visual album in April and is also considered a concept album. It was promoted with a one hour film on HBO. Lemonade became Beyonce's sixth consecutive album to debut at 1 selling , copies in its first week.

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By playing into — almost doubly exploiting — her crossover persona, she achieved not just her first No. And whenever she attempts to explore musical identities outside of that, critics and audiences seem confused. In contrast, it was largely the spectacle of Spanglish and swiveling hips that made Martin and Shakira visible as Latinx in the mainstream market. Their association with these sounds and images is also what made it difficult for them to continue evolving.

And this is a problem that the current boom riders will have to figure out as well.

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Reggaeton has been a commercial force for well over a decade, and is now the lingua franca of Latinx pop. But neither was hailed as a game-changing moment for all of Latinx pop at the time, or ever reached the kind of multiplatform, global peak of saturation that the "Despacito" remix has this year — arguably because neither of these Spanish-language songs were tropicalized, or carefully repackaged, enough for mainstream US audiences.

But Pharrell was a behind-the-scenes producer and songwriter who had his pop moment as an artist only after years in the industry, and the fact that rappers like Kanye can now become pop stars is a result of the way hip-hop has become so integral to US musical culture.

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It remains to be seen whether reggaeton achieves that degree of success. In the meantime, these strategies require time and opportunities for reinvention that Balvin might not get. In other words, major US pop artists will get a sudden infusion of Latin flavor for their mainstream pop careers, and can then move on with their music after the boom. But this will be harder for the Latinx performers who become famous through their explicit connection to these sounds.

And, unlike Ricky Martin or Shakira, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee have been largely overlooked in the publicity craze over their song; headlines have focused on the hit, rather than the hit-makers. In many ways, Latinx artists in the US are still treated as one-time novelty acts, sensational media events, rather than as complex artists who can contribute to pop culture in an ongoing way.

Beyoncé (Pop Profile) Beyoncé (Pop Profile)
Beyoncé (Pop Profile) Beyoncé (Pop Profile)
Beyoncé (Pop Profile) Beyoncé (Pop Profile)
Beyoncé (Pop Profile) Beyoncé (Pop Profile)
Beyoncé (Pop Profile) Beyoncé (Pop Profile)

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