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Mike Vale. Start The Party Original Mix. After turning on Screen Time, I realized I was spending 5. I tried to go phoneless, and replace my phone with an Apple Watch, but unfortunately I still wanted to use some utility apps like Uber and Venmo. My phone is now only useful for reading, music, texting; I find myself using it much, much less, at basically no cost to my quality of life.

I try to exercise every day, even if it is just five minutes of crunches or push ups.

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In order to hold myself accountable, I have a trainer who shows up at my house 3x a week I built a small gym in my garage. Since tracking my meditations through Insight Timer worked so well keeping me compliant, I started tracking my workouts through Streaks. I started experimenting with diets last year as well, after discovering that I was particularly sensitive to carbohydrates. For the first six months of , I tried to stick to eating a ketogenic diet this is a good guide to keto , which worked well to increase alertness and reduce fatigue throughout the day, but was hard to keep to. For the second six months, I tried intermittent fasting IF and eating only one meal a day during the weekdays dinner , and eating whatever I wanted for that meal.

I also quit drinking this year. I also created this Telegram support group for people who want to join me in being alcohol-free here that you can join. I was very resistant to trying therapy. Finally, after a breaking point at a previous company, I realized I had to make a change and found someone. This was life-changing for me: I worked through a lot of paralyzing guilt around failure that I felt, and learned how to detach myself from my daily emotional ups and downs. I still see someone different today. I think therapy fundamentally works because it is cathartic to talk to other people about your problems.

If you are new to therapy, I recommend that you talk to a couple of therapists before picking someone. You want to find someone you vibe with, who you feel you can learn from and that your respect. That might take a few tries. I try to actively remind myself that attachment to outcomes future successes, or even things staying the same as they are now will only cause my own suffering. Of course, this is very hard to actively hold in your mind. The truth is that one day we will all lose everything we have, will ever have, love, and will ever love.

Your friends and family will grow old and die, your fame will be forgotten, your health will fail, and eventually you will die. This is difficult to do in practice, and I am a relative novice in all these things; what I try to do is to regularly remind myself that I am going to die and in the greater context of the universe, none of the outcomes I want to happen really matter.

So why bother at all?

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I think about life and success like playing a board game on a rainy Saturday afternoon. When you are playing the game, you want to play by the rules live a moral life , and you want to do your best to win do well, be successful. This applies both in life and in work.

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This is very unfortunate because it shallows out our connections with those around us. For my friends, I have tried to find times to tell them the positive qualities that I appreciate about them, even if I feel awkward about it. I will literally say things like:.


The techniques build a resilient mind set, encapsulated by successful Olympic athletes who work on the foundation of positive motivations and memories to enable goal focused success. Get the App! Downloading the app is free. NB your device needs to be set up to use the app store, this requires registering with Google or Apple.

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Find a place to make yourself comfortalbe and start by listening to track 1. You will be asked to close your eyes and relax.

Make sure you're in a safe environment in case you fall asleep. Each track is 20 mins.

Feeling Good Feeling Good
Feeling Good Feeling Good
Feeling Good Feeling Good
Feeling Good Feeling Good
Feeling Good Feeling Good
Feeling Good Feeling Good
Feeling Good Feeling Good
Feeling Good Feeling Good
Feeling Good

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