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Optical Illusions

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8 Mind-Bending Optical Illusions (And What They Reveal About How Our Brains Work)

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Ych a fi! These amazing patterns confound your brain into imagining a rotating motion that just isn't there This optical illusion leaves you with a colourful after image of the 'Union Jack'. When our view of reality is obscured it isn't always easy to see the wood for the trees. Pre-conceptions and assumptions are important If the first and last letters of a word are in the correct order we can usually read it quite happily. This activity sheds some light on why most of us find 'French Connection UK' t-shirts so offensive at first glance.

As you move your eyes around the image you'll see the pseudo motion of the gears rotating in the periphery of your vision. Very macabre. Optical illusions. How old is your hearing? Tablet enabled - iPad Android more The spinning silhouette illusion Tablet enabled - iPad Android more The rotating mask illusion Tablet enabled - iPad Android more My stupid foot Tablet enabled - iPad Android more Motion induced blindness Tablet enabled - iPad Android more After Images: music stars Tablet enabled - iPad Android more Colour perception Tablet enabled - iPad Android more Coloured text mind masher game Are you ready for your left brain to do battle with your right brain?

Coloured text mind masher Tablet enabled - iPad Android more Double meanings Tablet enabled - iPad Android more How many 'F's? Count all the Fs in a piece of text. Light Bulb Stare closely at this light bulb for 25 seconds. Answer: You should see a glowing light bulb! Elephant Legs How many legs do I have? Answer: Four. Teach In this illusion you can see the word Teach and its reflection.

Answer: Learn. The Animal How many animals do you see in the image? Answer: Look closely, you should be able to see a rabbit and a duck. The Box and the Sphere Keep your eyes on the dot. Is it in the front or in the back of the cube? Ask a friend and see if they agree! Color Blind What number do you see in the circle? Color Illusion How many colors are present in the image? Gradients Which side of inset bar is darker? Answer: They are both the same shade! Horizontal Lines Are the horizontal lines sloping or straight? Kanizsa Triangle How many triangles are present in the image?

Muller-Lyer Illusion Take a very close look at the 2 vertical lines. Snakes Are the circles moving in the image?

Illusions Illusions
Illusions Illusions
Illusions Illusions
Illusions Illusions
Illusions Illusions
Illusions Illusions
Illusions Illusions
Illusions Illusions

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