In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5)

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Put on your night-dress and step into bed. You are not to do it. Her whole manner changed. Come to me, my darling. Why, 40 you are all trembling! Did you think I meant a word I said? Did your mother leave you to me for nothing, and would I ever leave you, sweetest and best? And if it is squat you are, there is no one like you for determination and fire of spirit.

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She looked at Jasper as if she meant to resist her. The door is locked; no one 41 can see us. Evelyn was now all laughter and high spirits. She had no idea of restraining herself. She called Jasper her honey and her honey-pot, and kissed the good woman several times. She superintended the making of the chocolate with eager words and many directions.

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Finally, a cup of the rich beverage was handed to her, and she sipped it, luxuriously curled up against her snowy pillows, and ate the sweet cakes, and watched Jasper with happy eyes. She spoke in mincing tones, with just sufficient likeness to Audrey to cause Evelyn to scream with mirth. All of a sudden she changed her manner. She now resembled Miss Sinclair, putting on the slightly precise language of the governess, adjusting her shoulders and arranging her hands as she had seen Miss Sinclair do for a brief moment that evening.

Her personation of Miss Sinclair was as good as her personation of Audrey, and Evelyn became so excited that she very nearly spilt her chocolate. But her crowning delight came when all of a sudden, without the slightest warning, Jasper became Lady Frances herself.

She now sailed rather 42 than walked across the apartment; her tones were stately and slow; her manner was the sort which might inspire awe; her very words were those of Lady Frances. But the delighted maid believed that she had a further triumph in store, for, with a quick change of mien, she now had the audacity to personate the Squire himself; but in one instant, like a flash, Evelyn was out of bed. She put down her chocolate-cup and rushed towards Jasper.

You dare not. The others over and over again—they are lovely, splendid, grand—it puts heart in me to see you—but not Uncle Ned. I told Audrey to-night how splendidly you can mimic, and you shall mimic her to her face when I know her better. Oh, it is killing—it is killing! But I draw the line at Uncle Ned.


Evelyn did not get up to breakfast the following morning. Breakfast at the Castle was a rather stately affair. A loud, musical gong sounded to assemble the family at a quarter to nine; then all those who were not really ill were expected to appear in the small chapel, where the Squire read prayers morning after morning before the assembled household. After prayers, visitors and family alike trooped into the comfortable breakfast-room, where a merry and hearty meal ensued. And as to lazy girls, her horror of them was so great that Audrey would rather bear the worst cold possible than announce to her mother that she was too ill to appear.

She bridled very slightly. Lady Frances knew that there was not a more correct trainer of youth in the length and breadth of the county than herself. Audrey, who looked very bright and handsome that morning, ventured to glance at her mother. I shall go to see Evelyn presently.

By the way, I hope you are ready for your visitors? I think those are the only young people, but with six in addition to you and Evelyn, you will have your hands full, Audrey.

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The first step, of course, is to get rid of that terrible woman whom she calls Jasper. But, my dear, it is as well that you should learn sooner or later that spoiling a person is never true kindness. Lady Frances left the room as she spoke; and Audrey, turning to her governess, said a few words to her, and they also went slowly in the direction of the conservatory. The child is full of originality 46 and strong feelings, but of course, brought up as she has been, she will be a trial to your mother. Mother has never seen any one in the least like Evelyn. She certainly amuses me. But she will not have a very happy time at the Castle until she knows her place.

Hence the result. But at the worst, Audrey, I am certain of one thing. Did you not notice how her eyes followed him round the room last night, and how, whenever he spoke to her, her voice softened and she always replied in a gentle tone? I 47 cannot imagine why that horrid little girl should ever own this lovely place. It is not that I am jealous of her—I assure you I am anything but that—but it hurts me to think that one who can appreciate things so little should come in for our lovely property. Meanwhile Evelyn, having partaken of a rich and unwholesome breakfast of pastry, game-pie, and chocolate, condescended slowly to rise.

Jasper waited on her hand and foot. A large fire burned in the grate; no servant had been allowed into the apartment since Evelyn had taken possession of it the night before, and it already presented an untidy and run-to-seed appearance. White ashes were piled high in the untidy grate; dust had collected on the polished steel of the fire-irons; dust had also mounted to the white marble mantelpiece covered with velvet of turquoise-blue, but neither Evelyn nor Jasper minded these things in the least. So I had better put on something striking. I saw that horrid 48 Audrey walking past just now with her governess; she had on a plain, dark-blue serge.

Why, any dairymaid might dress like that. You look very handsome in it. Accordingly Evelyn allowed herself to be arrayed in a dress of a curious shade between red and crimson. Jasper encircled her waist with a red silk sash; and being further decked with numerous rows of colored beads, varying in hue from the palest green to the deepest rose, the heiress pronounced herself ready to descend. I have a good deal to say to him. I will give it to Uncle Edward to give to my Aunt Frances. Accordingly Evelyn, in her heavy red dress, her feet encased in black shoes and white stockings, ran down-stairs, and having inquired in very haughty tones of a footman where the Squire was likely to 49 be found, presently opened the door of his private sanctum and peeped in.

Even Lady Frances seldom cared to disturb the Squire when he was in his den, as he called it. She skipped gaily into the room, ran up to him, put one arm round his neck, and kissed him. The Squire looked in a puzzled way at the queer little figure.

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Like most men, he knew little or nothing of the details of dress; he was only aware that his own wife always looked perfect, that Audrey was the soul of grace, and that Miss Sinclair presented a very pretty appearance. This room will be mine, and all that big estate outside, and the whole of this gloomy old house when you die. Is not that so?

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I mean to make changes when my time comes. I wish to be exactly like her. I will not be a fine lady—not for anybody. She was quite silent for nearly a minute, and Edward Wynford watched her with curiosity and pain mingled in his face. Her eyes reminded him of the brother whom he had so truly loved; in every other respect Evelyn was her mother over again. We all have our hour—at least mothery said so—and then go we must, whether we like it or not; so, as you must go some day, and I must——Oh dear! I am always being drawn up now by that horrid wish of yours that I should try to be an English 52 girl.

I will try to be when I am in your presence, for I happen to like you; but as for the others, well, we shall see. But, Uncle Ned, what about the chink? Perhaps you call it money; anyhow, it means money.

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How much may I have out of what is to be all my own some day to spend now exactly as I like? But, first of all, tell me what you want it for and how you mean to spend it. She manages very well indeed, does Jasper. We bought lots of things in Paris—this dress, for instance. How do you like my dress, Uncle Ned? I expect you are about stunned. You never thought a girl like me could dress with such taste.

Do you mind my speaking to Audrey, Uncle Ned, about her dress?

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It does not seem to me to be correct. Ladies ought to dress in silks and satins and brocades and rich embroidered robes. Mothery always said so, and mothery surely knew. But there, I am idling you, and I suppose you are busy directing the management of your estates, which are to be——Oh, there! I am pulled up again. I want my money for Jasper, for one thing. But surely it does not matter; I can do what I like with my own. I was sixteen a month ago. I am sixteen, and that is not very young.

In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5) In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5)
In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5) In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5)
In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5) In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5)
In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5) In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5)
In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5) In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5)
In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5) In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5)
In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5) In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5)
In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5) In the Driver’s Seat (Naughty Nine to Five Book 5)

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