Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men

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Tasha Cunningham. Written by DontDateHimGirl.

Book Club Recommendation Part 1 -- Mama Gena's Owner's and Operator's Guide to Men -- July 2019 --

Inspired by the stories of the thousands of women who have shared their dating stories on DontDateHimGirl. After reading this book, you'll emerge stronger, smarter and sexier, well on your way to finding the guy who will be VERY into you! Gregg Michaelsen. Hi I'm Gregg and I am the author who talks directly to my readers everyday. In Own Your Tomorrow, you will be guided through the process of: Creating a chick retreat your counter to the man cave Developing and envisioning your life visionSimplifying and cleansing your current environmentBecoming a positive person, eyes fixed on the futureLiving outside your comfort zoneHow spirituality can help you find loveBelieving in yourselfUnderstanding menAnd much, much more!

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About Gregg Gregg is Boston's top dating coach. It's Time - Let's Take a Journey! Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships. Pamela Cummins. Do you feel like you will always be single?

Blether book review - Mama Gena's Owner's and Operator's Guide to Men

Are you sick of bad dates and relationships? Bored and unsatisfied in your relationship? Go inside the world of a psychic to see how the spirit world gives knowledge to transform your love life. This eBook will take you on the journey of self-love, boundaries, intuition, communication skills, and more. If you believe in your heart that love waits for you, you'll want to read this book. Simply put, Psychic Wisdom on Love and Relationships will get you there. Francesca Lia Block. Navigating the world of dating can be like wandering an enchanted forest, full of creatures with peculiar habits and baffling behavior.

In Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur, Francesca Lia Block provides a guide to this often-treacherous terrain, classifying all those mystifying men and women into various types of mythical forest fauna-Fauns and Werewolves, Mermaids and Banshees. After answering questions to determine your own type, you can learn to identify others-with the help of illustrations from artist Fumi Nakamura.

By reading up on the various types' favorite activities, likely professions, sexual preferences, and parenting styles, you'll gain insight into compatible creatures.

Mama Gena's Owner's and Operator's Guide to Men

If you're a Wood Nymph like Block , you could get your heart broken by a fickle Satyr, but if you can track down the strong, soulful Centaurs of the forest, you just might be on the path to true love. Clever and insightful, Wood Nymph Seeks Centaur is an invaluable guide for any dating creature. Kate Rose. Discover the three types of love--and the key to finding the one you're truly meant to be with.

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We love and we love again -- sometimes our hearts get broken but, somehow, we find the courage to dive back in. In this soul-searching book, relationship expert Kate Rose guides readers down the path to a deeper understanding of who they are, what they want, and finally, to the discovery of their Twin Flame. According to Rose, love is a journey of self-discovery and every relationship we have in our lives teaches us something that we need to learn about ourselves and what will make us truly happy. As painful as it is to accept, this love that felt so right in the beginning is actually all wrong.

This is the love who helps us to accept ourselves just as we are because this is precisely what they do. In You Only Fall in Love Three Times, Kate Rose shows us that happy endings may not happen quite the way they do in fairytales-- but they happen nonetheless. Similar ebooks. Regena Thomashauer. So, you found yourself a man. You owned him, you operated him, you dragged him back to your cave and married him -- and now you can't remember why you wanted him!

Not to fear, because celebrated relationship expert Regena Thomashauer has returned, ready to turn the walking, talking, care-taking coma that is your marriage into a hot, juicy celebration of love and life Have you ever felt that your daily responsibilities are taking a toll on your general enthusiasm, your desire for intimacy?

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Or that you need to ask your husband for permission before you go somewhere or do something? Or that you find yourself angry at him for no real reason? You may be suffering from the Good Wife Syndrome. The Good Wife Syndrome is a common malady characterized by an unnatural drive to sacrifice yourself, organize your married life around your husband's needs, and then blame your bewildered husband for your profound unhappiness.

Mama Gena's Marriage Manual is here to remedy your condition by administering a simple yet tremendously effective antidote: fun. Yes, that's right, fun. Mama Gena wants you to throw out your preconceived notions of what marriage should be and allow yourself to construct a marriage based on your own personal gratification.

Because whether it's enjoying a great cup of coffee, taking the day off work, or having great sex, when a woman indulges her desires she inflates her feminine power and has an uplifting effect on everything and everyone around her. To help you on your quest to revive your marriage, Mama Gena suggests a radical idea: that the community of women around us the support system she calls our Sister Goddesses has a greater influence on the outcome of our relationships than the partners we choose. Women's desires can turn dreams into reality, and when women get together, their power multiplies exponentially.

Mama shows you how to harness that power and channel it into the daily acts that benefit your love life. She includes dozens of exercises to help you and your Sister Goddess girlfriends focus on fun, praise yourself daily, let go of anger, and learn to appreciate the men you have.

Then once you've started practicing these new behaviors, Mama trains you to train your husband -- to communicate without rancor, to welcome his point of view, to reinstate the practice of lust, and much more. Mama Gena wants you to throw off the shackles of the Good Wife Syndrome and enjoy a marriage that's free of guilt, blame, and obligation. Mama Gena's Marriage Manual will help you craft a partnership that enables you to do more, have more, and be more than you could ever be on your own.

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Sherry Argov's Why Men Love Bitches delivers a unique perspective as to why men are attracted to a strong woman who stands up for herself. With saucy detail on every page, this no-nonsense guide reveals why a strong woman is much more desirable than a "yes woman" who routinely sacrifices herself. It helps you know who you are, stand your ground, and relate to men on a whole new level. Once you've discovered the feisty attitude men find so magnetic, you'll not only increase the romantic chemistry—you'll gain your man's love and respect with far less effort.

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Steve Harvey. Reflections of a Man: Volume 1. Never fear, Mama Gena is here with practical tools for a relationship that starts out good and only gets better. Mama trains you to be an expert man-trainer, so you can take the lead and get what you both want: a great relationship. Library Subject 2 Interpersonal relations. After graduation, Regena Thomashauer retired from the stage to pursue her "exhaustive" research into pleasure and fun.

She has dedicated her life to researching the nature of pleasure, specifically the female orgasm. Book Preview Click the Google Preview button to view an excerpt from the book. More by Regena Thomashauer. Toggle navigation Raru. Edit Cart Checkout Close. Recipient Name. Recipient Email.

Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men
Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men
Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men
Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men
Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men
Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men
Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men Mama Genas Owners and Operators Guide to Men

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