Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion

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It will be quite an undertaking to carry on all the work in America. Essentially, I am a great man, a rarity, as it were. I can't quite believe it myself, however, and that is why I struggle against playing the role of a great man. He received the visa and sailed out of Norway on 19th August, , on the SS Stavangerfjord , the last ship to leave for the United States before the war began on 3rd September. In October he met the 29 year-old Ilse Ollendorff. Reich compared her to his previous girlfriend, Elsa Lindenberg , she is "clever, pretty, and she has a body that reminds me of Elsa, except that she is a brunette".

Ollendorff later recalled her impression of him: "I was very much impressed by him, even a little awed He was a striking figure with his gray hair, ruddy complexion, and white coat. He showed me the laboratory, the house, and invited me to have a glass of wine.

Medical Rape State Authorised German Perversion

He was very attractive and out of the ordinary. Reich wrote in his journal that this brought an end to "six ghastly weeks of abstinence". Ollendorff became pregnant but he insisted she had an abortion because he feared a child would distract him from his research. However, she did have a child, Peter, five years later. They decided to live together and she became Reich's secretary and laboratory assistant.

She was put in charge of the crates of cancerous mice that Reich was experimented on. The records had to be kept meticulously as to every detail of treatment At times I had the feeling that our whole life was ruled by the stopwatch.

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Annie imposed time limits on her former husband's visits with his own daughters. Annie replied: "I wouldn't put it past you.

I didn't trust him, I'm sorry. He was a very dangerous, difficult man and I think he was sexually unreliable, and I wouldn't be surprised if he molested my sister, though she would never admit that, I'm sure I didn't want to spend the night at his place because I thought he would be sexually promiscuous with me. In an article written in November, , Reich argued that: "Freedom of religion is dictatorship when it does not go hand in hand with freedom of science. For when this is not the case, there is no free competition in the interpretations of the life process.

It must be decided once and for all whether "God" is a bearded, all-powerful, divine figure, or whether he represents the cosmic law of nature which governs us. Only if God and the law of nature are identical is an understanding possible between science and religion.

It is but one step from the dictatorship of an earthly representatives of God to the dictatorship of a divinely ordained saviour of peoples. In Reich built a box that he called an orgone accumulator. The earliest boxes were for laboratory animals, but later constructed a human-sized, five-foot-tall box that was set up in the basement of his house. It was made of plywood lined with rock wool and sheet iron, and had a chair inside and a small window.

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The boxes had multiple layers of these materials, which according to Reich caused the orgone concentration inside the box to be three to five times stronger than in the air. Reich placed mice with cancer in his orgone box. Reich told his supporters that his box was definitely able to destroy cancerous growth. No other remedy in the world can claim such a thing. Although not licensed to practise medicine in the United States, he began testing the boxes on human beings diagnosed with cancer and schizophrenia.

The father of an eight-year-old girl with cancer approached him for help, then complained to the American Medical Association that he was practising without a licence. Reich was sacked from his post at the university and was evicted from his house. On 12th December , five days after the attack on Pearl Harbor , Reich was arrested in his home at 2 a. They searched his house and found what they considered to be left-wing books.


A security investigation was begun to determine the extent of Reich's communist commitments. A board of Alien Enemy Hearing judged that Dr. Reich was not a threat to the security of the U. Reich's next book, The Function of the Orgasm , Reich suggests specific recommendations for reforms which would increase the incidence of sexual happiness and reduce that of neurosis.

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He believed that "life could be freer and more untrammelled than civilized societies allow it to be, and that if man could live by his instincts and not in submission to his character-armour, life would not only be freer and richer than it is but also that many moral problems and indeed many physical illnesses including cancer would never occur. In the case of orgiastic impotence, from which a vast majority of humans are suffering, biological energy is dammed up, thus becoming the source of all kinds of irrational behaviour. Psychic disturbances are the results of the sexual chaos brought about by the nature of our society.

This chaos has, for thousands of years, served the function of making people submissive to existing conditions, in other words, of internalizing the external mechanization of life. It serves the purpose of bringing about the psychic anchoring of a mechanized and authoritarian civilization by way of making people lack self-confidence. Reich stressed the importance of loving and being loved: "One hates most when one is prevented from loving or being loved.

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Thus, aggression assumes the character of destructiveness with sexual aims, as, e. Its prerequisite is the complete inability to experience sexual pleasure in a natural way. The perversion 'sadism' the impulse to satisfy oneself by hurting or destroying the object is, therefore, a mixture of primary sexual and secondary destructive impulses. It does not exist in the animal kingdom and is a recent acquisition of man, a secondary drive. Every kind of destructive action by itself is the reaction of the organism to the denial of the gratification of a vital need, especially the sexual.

Reich's work was largely ignored until an article by Mildred Edie Brady appeared in The New Republic : "Wilhelm Reich… the man who blames both neuroses and cancer on unsatisfactory sexual activities has been repudiated by only one scientific journal… Orgone, named after the sexual orgasm, is, according to Reich, a cosmic energy. It is, in fact, the cosmic energy. Reich has not only discovered it; he has seen it, demonstrated it and named a town - Orgonon, Maine - after it.

First Sex Doll Brothel opens up in Germany!! Rape culture and perversion

Here he builds accumulators of it, which are rented out to patients, who presumably derive 'orgiastic potency' from it. According to Ilse Ollendorff , Wilhelm Reich became increasingly dictatorial, aggressively seeking confirmation of his assumptions. Very few of us were able to do this. Myron Sharaf was one of his assistants who expressed doubts about his theories: "His voice boomed, his skin reddened, he was all harshness. Reich became increasingly paranoid. He would scrawl messages to those "red fascists" who he thought were plotting to kill him, which he would post around the house.

In one he pinned to the door read: "Want to make it kind of look like suicide. The true stuff is in my head. Reich accused his wife of being unfaithful. He was always suspicious that I had an affair, with this one and the other one. Absolutely not true I think one has to recognize, as painful as the admission may be, that Reich's logic had carried him on and on, so far into space that at some point he began sometimes to lose contact with reality. He was able to pull himself back again and again, but the continued pressure forced him to seek escape into the outer regions, into a more benevolent world.

In Reich began to believe that the planet was under attack by UFOs. He spent his nights with his son searching for UFOs through telescopes and binoculars. Reich claimed he had shot several of them down during a "full-scale interplanetary battle" in Arizona, where he had rented a house as a base station. He wrote about this in the book, Contact with Space Christopher Turner has argued: "UFOs seemed to account for all the loose ends of everything Reich had discovered; now anything that he could not explain was attributed to spacemen.

In February the United States Attorney for the District of Maine filed a complaint seeking a permanent injunction under Sections and of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to prevent interstate shipment of orgone accumulators and to ban promotional literature. Two years later, Reich was accused of sending an orgone accumulators part through the mail to another state, in violation of the court injunction. The jury found him guilty on 7th May , and he was sentenced to two years' imprisonment. The following month FDA officials supervised the destruction of the remaining orgone accumulators at Reich's home.

They also destroyed copies of Reich's books that he had self-published. The American Civil Liberties Union issued a press release criticizing this action. Richard C. Hubbard, a psychiatrist, examined him on admission to Danbury Federal Prison , and claimed that he was suffering from paranoia manifested by delusions of grandiosity. This time it was decided that he was mentally competent although he became psychotic when stressed. Wilhelm Reich died after suffering a heart-attack on 3rd November She believed that the death of his mother had caused him long-term psychological problems: "His subsequent guilt over it may well have added to his personality that obsessive note of absolute, relentless dedication which so frequently is a characteristic of the intellectual pioneer.

I was born in a small village as the first child of not unprosperous parents. My father was a farmer who, together with an uncle of my mother's, had leased a fairly large landed estate in northern Bukovina, the farthest outpost of German culture.

Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion
Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion
Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion
Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion
Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion
Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion Medical Rape: State Authorised German Perversion

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