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Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 7. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Man lives in two kinds of worlds, which he has to unite in himself.

On the one hand he is the cornerstone of the outer, material creation, in which he is called the crown of creation and he is praised as such. On the other hand, he is the starting point of the pure spiritual world, which with him has reached the first stage of complete free self-awareness.

Jakob Lorber und das Neuoffenbarungswerk

So, on the one hand he is the beginning of chain and, on the other hand, the end of a chain, and he has to find in himself for that purpose life was given and its free development the missing link with which he can make those two chains as one. Product Details. Average Review.

The Prophet Jakob Lorber

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Man lives in two kinds of worlds, which he has to unite in himself.

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On the one hand he is the cornerstone of the outer, material creation, in which he is called the crown of creation and he is praised as such. On the other hand, he is the starting point of the pure spiritual world, which with him has reached the first stage of complete free self-awareness.

So, on the one h Man lives in two kinds of worlds, which he has to unite in himself. The same examination, however, takes place periodically from eternity to eterniy, forever and ever and with the same result. The origin of the "matter", however, remains unexplained with the exception that it was created out of the forces of pride of the Lucifer Satanas. So Lucifer Satanas was banned into the matter and will not convert to his creator again until he is soled up. Therefore, 'he may stay there until his self-dissolution and develop the goal of hate' on our earth Then "God" created seven very much bigger cosmic spiritual beings, as only one of his many incredible creations.

Hinduism speaks too of millions of spiritual universes Brahmandas. Out of this compression process of subtle-mental substances developed the first material primaray suns in the cosmos. But consistent thinking deleivers a lot of contradictions, especially since Jesus claimes to be involved in the indian divine revelation, which similarly knows creation and dissolution of the 5 lower planes of creation Yugas with a nearly eternal periodicity. Along with the determination of the world by the divine omnipotence gives this rather the impression of a conscious "test" as a pretext to make the cosmic 'Lucifer Satana' an active opponent to the creator, to push him into the matter and to create the lower planes up to the material goal of the evil, which would not be created otherwise.

Also, the seven thereafter created spiritual beings will solve up after an eternity and will not be examined for "unconditionally true god love' like the Lucifer-Satana".

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On the other hand, Jesus says there, that our world is a creation of the "wrath of God", which but does not mean that God is angry with us, but that God had created the world through the power of anger. Is not reflected here, that these "wrath-forces" can even come from activities of the divine. Here on our earth may his 'evil core' develop the "goal of evil and hatred, but without really being punished for his actions related, because on this planet the souls were given by god literally as fodder, and billions of souls perished and perish. So could the Creator God - in his unconditionally lovable kind - create everything out of the power of anger creatable, which exists from his higher eternal standpoint only for a while and solves up again.

True compassion he knows obviously not and only his plans and his will but he insists that man has afree will and makes him responsible for his acts. For comparison, says the Indian master Sri Aurobindo in his "Life Divine" that our world is not a wayward creation, which God should withdraw better quickly, but that it had been deliberately created to let the consciousness raise of the matter and that in a few centuries a limited divine race can appear on earth. Whether the incarnated masters like to be here and manifest here voluntarily is not a subject The "Mother" and Sri Aurobindo also said that God wants that things are on earth as He wants them to be, and Sri Aurobindo said that he can only see God and his plans and his will in the world and in mankind.

Furthermor she spoke of a divine being which was created and then pushed into the abysm of matter by the highest Lord for alleged salvation of the universe - the origin of all avatars. This being will probably have enjoyed his push off into the abyss Bailey exists in parallel to the resolution of the Satanas-Lucifer i.

Therefore it becomes clearer that the fall of the Lucifer-Satana Kal-Niranjan was a part of the determinated. Jesus or Mr. Lorber makes then as an example of absolute conformist subservience and then relative extreme power the "people " in all planes of creation responsible for everything.

They had a 'free will' and are thus responsible for the consequences of their actions because they could not see the results immediately. On the question how something can resist to the omnipotence of the divine will at all, so that "God is in reality nothing but an 'eternal tyrant' and therefore responsible for everything, he has at first no answer. Then he replies that he is actually the Lord and can do whatever he wants and that God has his own plans.

Jakob Lorber

Finally, even he admits that, that God wants that things are as they are, but that does not change its attitude. He admits indirectly that this force existed already before the fall of Lucifer-Satana. Since God can not have been angry at nothing, he must already otherwise have generated this power and also tend to anger [as the Revelation of John says: "And no one could withstand the wrath of the Lamb and of Him who sat on the throne.

Lorbers sight. This physical force was thus present at a large extent, even before the fall of Lucifer-Satana. Bailey also generated within the cosmic initiations; Hinduism describes the generation of Maya during the union of the forces of Shiva and Shakti; in the old European mysticism we live in a creation out of the anger of the Lord dark clouds. He also reveals the secret name " Jeshua-Ra " on which the early Christians have meditated allegedly. But that's not enough to achieve and complete the preservation of the eternal life of the soul, because the kingdom of God in me has well come to you, but it has still not penetrated you.

This can and will first happen when You have absorbed my doctrine into Your will without any regard to the world and thus into your full activity. If this will be the case, then you will not say any more, "Christ and with him the kingdom of God has come to us and dwells among us" but you'll say "Now I do not live but Christ lives in me! Lorber : Scripture text explanations : Christ stresses repeatedly the importance of love and God's love and humility and places little value on the wisdom, which he compares with the garments of the beings and the Tree of Knowledge. Bailey Bailey emphasized, however, that the mystics must finally become Occultists and must develop equally the qualities of head and heart.

The 'headwinds' are the doings of the world and its Lust, against which a right-wing skipper to the fourth watch of the night, which means his last Days of life, has to struggle his whole life, because at 'night' the material life in this world is understood. The Lord is not in the ship. Why not?

Jakob Lorber

Because He is not in the world. Because the ship means the people living in the world, with which the Lord is not because of their freedom. He does not bother the sailors on the lake. When He encounters one, then he passes by, so that He does not bother in his freedom. Further the explanations to the Apocalypse. Haughtiness is for him the root of all evil. Even the dark rain spirits are haughty, and only the radiation from the sun frees them from pride, through which they rise again.

Well but in the Land of another parts of the earth which is now inhabited by the heathen, I will start a new empire: an empire of peace, harmony, love and perpetual living faith". The real Antichrist is the prevailing tendency of so many people, where only the head works and the heart is doomed to a halt. So you should see the head or calculating mind as "Antichrist" , who drives long ago on earth and tries to explain people with seductive arguments that only what the mind can grasp and illuminate what is true.

Sunsets Into Sunrises Bishop Martin - Jakob Lorber | Martin Luther | Heaven

But what the heart feels or suspects is merely fleeting mist of an excited fantasy. Therefore, the doctrine of the materialists as the last stage of understanding wisdom. Therefore, the craving for pleasure and the means to satisfy the latter. Therefore, the contempt for everything noble, good and sublime, therefore, "the knowledge and not faith". And yet people forget what I once said, "Your knowledge is all piecemeal. At that time, however, when the people will communicate from one end of the earth to the other as fast as lightning und run over the furthest distances with the use of fire- and water-bound spirits, will the news of my personal return be easily spread over the whole earth in a short time, even to Asia.

But there is the question : Will the message find faith in the blind and deaf pagans of this part of the world? I mean and say : Hardly before it is be purified through a large world court! But there is a large country in the far west, which is surrounded on all sides by great world ocean and nowhere related to the seas with the old world.

Outgoing from that land will people hear great things Anm.



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