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Michael Boehnke. Available to preorder. Fruit of the loom premiun shirt. The Night Of No Tomorrow Breath Of Immortality Land Of Destruction Ride The Endless Star The Chains Of Nightmare Rise From The Ashes Tears Of Agony Tags atmospheric black metal melodic black metal metal Sweden. Voices Of The Arctic Winter. And, in some cases, there are surprises as to which category characters fall into. Many of the broader issues in the story, such as a clash between religious and world views, are very relevant in our contemporary society.

In the story, we see a chasm between those adhering to the traditional pagan religion that existed in pre-Christian Ireland, which was more open to practitioners of magic, and the more recently arrived Christian religion. There is distrust on both sides. Although Ash lives among those who practice magic and celebrate the traditional pre-Christian festivals, she comes to learn that there are good and bad people among her own kind, and among outsiders. Individuals within each group stir distrust, when peaceful coexistence might otherwise emerge.

There is also a strong theme of environmental protection, although the characters use the terms and concepts of the era and of their own society. Ash learns about the interconnectedness of the trees in the mystical forest in which she resides, mirroring the concept of an ecosystem. The characters practice sustainable living, caring for the environment, and respect for animals and all living things. This is not only because it was a necessity at the time, but also because of their dedication to protecting and caring for their home in the magical forest, a place that protects them as well.

Another element I really appreciate about Rising From the Ashes is the inclusion of strong female characters. Strong girls and women are integral to the story. Feminism and the empowerment of girls and women is a subtle, yet significant, theme.

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Ash and the other female characters participate in just as much action and adventure as any of the male characters. Perhaps even more so! They are treated equally in terms of their skill in magic, and are trained in the same fashion in self-defence, archery, and sparring.

All aspects of the setting - historical, physical, and magical - are well developed. The Irish landscape gives the story a strong sense of place - from the greenness of the trees and moss and lichens, and the mist surrounding the forest, to the magnificent cliffs, and the old and powerful stone circles, which were ancient even to those in The entire book has a sort of earthy feel - Caren J. The magic in the book also has an earthy feel as Ash and the other young students learn about magic and controlling the elements of water, fire, and earth.

All aspects of the book are defined within the historical setting, from the way the characters live to the way they perceive the world. The characters celebrate the traditional Irish festivals that fall throughout the year, and we experience them with Ash. The story is one that pulls you in from the beginning, and entices you to keep reading just one more chapter, and another, and another. The plot is complex, with many twists that will have you guessing until key elements and figures are revealed.

Rising From the Ashes includes several majestic fantasy scenes, as well as action scenes and battles. All such scenes move the story forward and all give us insight into the psychology and motives of the characters. This book will appeal to readers of all ages and backgrounds. It can be enjoyed by younger readers from about eight years old, all the way up to adults.

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Rising From the Ashes has the feel of a book that has staying power. It has a slightly different flavour, but is still her great writing - complex, eloquent, and full of depth. While it is the first in a series, Rising From the Ashes is a complete story on its own. The ending, while entirely unexpected in terms of where the story began, is satisfying in the way that it brings Ash full circle in one aspect of her life.

However, the book also leaves us eager to read more about the characters and their adventures in future volumes of The Dragonmage Saga. Overall, Rising From the Ashes has a timeless quality. She employs beautiful imagery throughout the story. This book is both literary and compellingly readable, and in my view, it will find a place among the classic fantasy novels. My first book by this author. So, a fantasy book. Starring a young girl who was raised by badgers yes, badgers. When Ash was around 2 or so, her village was attacked, and she was tossed into a fire.

She squealed and cried for help. Help came in the form of badgers. Oddly enough, Ash had been calling out to in the badgers their own, mental, language. Ash, as the badgers call her, spends the next bit of time growing older with these badgers. Being, more or less, a badger.

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One day, while out doing whatever it was she was doing gathering food? The squeals of badgers. The growls of wolves. She hurries over and drives away the wolves, but not before they grievously injured one of her badger parents. And in a move of instinct, Ash moved in to help her parent. Laid hands on the furry critter, and more or less glowed well, at least her hands, if I recall correctly. She then slumped over very very tired. Next to the now healed badger. The point of mentioning all that, the attack and healing, was to get to the next part wherein I mention that her use of magic sent out a very powerful vibration, which was felt very far away.

A magical vibration. Felt by an older woman named Enat. Who lived in a magical forest. Enat travels around looking for who sent out this vibration, and eventually finds Ash. An offer is made to train Ash, - said offer being one made to Ash, and to be answered by Ash. With sadness at leaving her clan, the badgers, Ash reluctantly agrees. And is taken to the magical forest area. This is a deep, detailed, rather riveting book that pulled me from beginning to end. There were certain plot points whereupon the author could have gone a different direction, and the vast majority of the time I was quite happy with the direction the author choose.

The ending both somewhat dragged, and ended abruptly. A sequel that I wish to read, oh, now. I had been examining the shelves of friends, looking for authors that I had not yet read, though they had read and rated at least one book 5 stars. Looking for those lesbian fiction authors that I had, as of yet, not tried. I mention all of this to note that I had not gone into this attempting to find a good solid coming of age fantasy book.

I went into it to find authors to add at least one of their books to my maybe pile. Came away from that examination with a book to read. And eventually read. It should be noted, as at least one other reviewer has noted, this is not a lesbian fiction book. Because it was released February 1 I like gobbling series as soon as I find them. Oh, and open to the idea that those who follow the Christian God might not always and in every situation be on the side of good.

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March 4 Shelves: fantasy , net-galley , young-adult. Thank you! Initial Thoughts Upon Finishing I really enjoyed this! Obviously, the best way to please me is to write a book about dragons - so I've been very excited to dive into this one and see what it's all about. It was a really cool take on dragons altogether and I loved that the author tried a few quirky changes on the traditional sense of a dragon. I'm keen to read the next book to see where it goes because I wasn' 3. I'm keen to read the next book to see where it goes because I wasn't left quite satisfied with the ending having been holding out for an epic battle scene that was clearly just waiting in the wings!

Rising From the Ashes So firstly, perhaps I should apologise for such a delay on this review. Rising From the Ashes was a really enjoyable book and promised so many things that I love in a story. Like I said, everything you ever asked for. Whilst things took a little while to get going, and there was way less dragon action than I was anticipating, I still really enjoyed the narrative.

We meet a bunch of characters and get glimpses into segments of this not too alien world of what is potentially to come.

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I enjoyed the action and I loved the lessons of learning how to harness magic. Mythology or Epic Fantasy? The blurb does that. So for the most part this feels like a sort of Epic Fantasy narrative.

Rising From the Ashes Rising From the Ashes
Rising From the Ashes Rising From the Ashes
Rising From the Ashes Rising From the Ashes
Rising From the Ashes Rising From the Ashes
Rising From the Ashes Rising From the Ashes
Rising From the Ashes Rising From the Ashes
Rising From the Ashes Rising From the Ashes

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