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Log in here. Hagerty Market Rating What's This? German Collectibles. The table below lists the cars that Market Trends Dashboard. Although alternators had been used extensively in vehicles like taxis, police cars and other vehicles with numerous gadgets and accessories, installing an alternator in a family car like the Chrysler Variant was a first. Some industry experts speculated industry-wide use of alternators within a decade. Cars in The popular Falcon, for example, had the look of the sporty Thunderbird. Cadillac continued to stress comfort and performance. Detroit indicated that the cars were designed with serious consideration for the needs and tastes of American women.

Executives acknowledged that women represented at least 1 million sales a year, which was the difference between a good year and a bad one. Auto manufacturers emphasized more horsepower per unit. Edward D. The most important single development in the history of the torque converter. Twenty-four months or 24, miles is the extent of the average warranty in the industry. Seat-belt sales continued to increase and after January 1, , became standard equipment on all cars.

Air conditioning units were being installed in an increasing number of cars. They were factory-installed in The US Auto industry was hampered by strikes and parts shortages in but finished the calendar year with near-record production and sales figures. According to final, unofficial tabulations by Automotive News, 7,, passenger cars rolled off the lines. General Motors was hit by a nationwide strike on September 25, Ten days later, terms were reached on a settlement. Similar local strikes later plagued Ford. While domestic car makers had their troubles, imports fared well.

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Engines got a bit more power, but car warranties went unchanged. US auto makers offered buyers a choice of new models. Most models grew in length. Plymouth was well received with its Barracuda. GM and Ford also continued their overseas expansions. Rolls-Royce supplied the aluminum, six-cylinder engine, and British Motor Corp.

They called it the Vanden Plas Princess R. The Princess R was about the size of a Benz, with a top speed of mph. The US auto industry had its biggest year ever in , with production, sales, employment and profits soaring to all-time highs. Another all-time high was reached: traffic deaths. Style-conscious Detroit was forced by government action to pay more attention to the good health of the people. Lyndon B.

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Johnson signed the Clean Air Act authorizing the government to create standards to limit air pollution. For the US industry as a whole, there were few style changes in the models.

The four major auto companies offered body styles. Options were popular too. The first front-wheel drive since was released in the Oldsmobile Toronado.

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People were shocked that someone would make a car that would pull by its front wheels instead of push from the back! New innovations included the station wagon dual-action tailgate and stereo tape players with FOUR speakers.

Cars in the 1950s

Safety was the primary concern in as the industry chalked up it second best sales year ever, topped only by And was an unparalleled year for safety requirements for car manufacturers. US companies offered basic models. Most had options. Two major sales themes were sportiness and safety. Ford, with the hugely popular Mustang carrying the load for a couple years, was finally getting some real challengers. One came from within: the Lincoln-Mercury Cougar. Chevrolet released the Camaro and Chrysler-Plymouth beefed up its Barracuda line. The design trend was toward a long hood, a short deck and low, sleek profiles.

The electric car emerged on the scene in Ford showed off a lab model of a sodium-sulfur battery that was 15 times lighter than the average lead battery. In October, GM showed off two experimental vehicles: a Corvair and a small truck. Both could drive about 40 to miles.

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Cars in The automobile industry had a rough year in , with most of the blame falling on the shoulder of labor problems. Due to domestic production issues, auto imports set a new record in with , sold. Overall sales lagged behind , with no help from the Vietnam War, which literally pulled hundreds of thousands of young men out of the market. Prices rose markedly because of higher production costs and wages.

A government decision to require shoulder seat belts on all cars manufactured in was a good example of the various safety regulations that caused prices to rise as well. Additionally, the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that a large part of the price hike was simply price boost. In cars were lower, longer and wider in shape. Convertibles and station wagons were replaced by their much hotter-selling counterparts, the two-door hardtop. AMC introduced the only new car in the U.

It was a made as a challenger to the muscle car market dominated by the Mustang, Camaro and Barracuda. AMC was also the only manufacturer to drop a car, the Marlin. Cars were coming with a lot more options and people were becoming accustomed to tailoring their cars specifically to their own needs.

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These were exciting times for car buyers indeed. Transportation Secretary Alan S. Boyd proposed an additional 47 safety standards covering cars through Cole took over as President. AMC named Roy D. Chapin, Jr. Luneberg as president. Cars in All-time sales records were broken in For the first time in a while, there were no real labor shortages to mention.

Prices rose slightly, but the biggest change was the length of cars. Luxury and family sedans were longer in than ever before, with new models featuring flowing bodies, longer hoods and much nicer interiors. New options included heated rear-windows and self-adjusting anti-skid brake systems. Headrest were a new feature on all cars, required by government safety standards.

Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars
Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars
Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars
Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars
Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars
Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars
Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars Standard Guide to 1950s American Cars

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